Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Farm Visits

 Last Friday we drove up to visit my sister, overdue with my very first nephew. Weary from pregnancy, in need of company, and insistent that I did not include he in photos, despite the fact that she looks amazing. Rare is the women ten months pregnant who wants pictures of her utterly transformed body.

Regardless, we spent the afternoon  devoted to the slow pursuits well suited to the country. Makeshift basketball played in a cornfield. Stick fights and races. A walk to the pond to feed ugly ducklings who never turned to swans.

We soaked in the sunlight that has been in short supply this May. Enjoyed what will be one of our lasts visits to this house. A few weeks after Jeffrey Cotton is born, Claire and Andrew are moving back to the Beach. A move I am very happy they are making, even if it does mean an end to the days spent mostly on the ramp off their porch will the kids make fun what's found right beyond the door.

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