Saturday, December 5, 2015

Maybe I'll Be a Poet

today i decided to become a poet

when people ask me what i do, i won't tell them mother
or waitress

i will tell them "poet" and they will think I'm a snob
 and i will be one despite my dirty tee-shirt

despite the diapers i changed all morning
despite the dishes i will clear all night

but i will feel so much more like the person i am meant to be

so much less like the person i have accidentally become

and when my children are asked, they will say, "our mother is a poet"
and then i will be forgiven for the dirty floors and the wet towels in the car
for the snacks i forgot to bring to some field on a saturday morning in october

"oh" they will say as they nod their heads suddenly understanding


  1. That really does explain a lot. All this time I thought you were just a dirty hippie! 😘 Keep writing and rocking, beautiful friend!

    1. "Duck Rape" was only the beginning of my poetic journey.

  2. Beautiful :) You are all those things! John said my kids are going to remember me as a mom who "drank and wrote a lot."