Friday, December 11, 2015

Arlo Is Three

It started with a few thoughtfully purchased gifts, one of which being a set of wooden toy dinosaurs that quickly fell victim to somewhat destructive play and are now covered in an impenetrable layer of blue play dough. It moved on to pancakes and sausages, and then a few hours of playing with the first set of Magnatiles to hit this home before an afternoon matinee to going see The Good Dinosaur was vetoed in favor of a trip down to the beach. What the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets. 

Later, I dropped the kids off at my mom's for a few hours to go home to decorate and bake a very disappointing cake that was nearly saved by the addition of sprinkles and a ballon toting T-rex. Complicated plans were abandoned in favor of a weeknight celebration with family, a few neighbors, and a late night arrival of Arlo's sartorial rival straight from the hip streets of BK. 

Balloons and meatballs. So many dinosaurs. One very newly, three-year-old boy who hates pants, loves bubble-less bubble baths, and is known to be incredibly wary of strangers. 

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