Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Few Things

  1. Watched Inside Out with the kids last night. That is one seriously good kid's movie.
  2. Embarrassed by how much time I spend fantasying about buying a sofa from these guys. Cool and ethically made in the USA. Should I ever save the appropriate number of pennies, I'm pretty sure I'd go for brown leather (maybe the Chesterfield or Basel), but there's a big old part of me that wants something crazier like this or this. No one should think about sofas this much.
  3. Ordered this book earlier this week, and Sena has already read it cover to cover. Now my yard is full of holes because she has dug out every single dandelion root and turned them into tea. 
  4. Considering buying these  boots , unless someone has a suggestion for a good lace-up boot that has decent traction. (I pretty much only wear boots or sandals.)
  5. Planning a New Orleans Bachelorette Party Weekend for my best fraand for the end of January. I bet I don't need to tell anyone how excited I am about this.
  6. Made this cabbage, date, and feta last night and it is my new favorite thing. It's the first thing I have made in a long time that feels interesting. All my food has started to taste the same. This did not. 
  7. Walked the kids to the library last to try to get a copy of The Danish Way of Parenting  after my dad posted an article about Danish happiness on his Facebook. Turns out the book is only available on Kindle, and I didn't have time to find anything else before Arlo had an accident, reminding me that it's always best to just let that boy be naked.


  1. I love this post but I love that damn cat ..... so. much.