Friday, June 5, 2015

A Post For Claire Bug

If you're reading this and obviously you are, chances are that you heard about this space from my little sister Claire. From the beginning she has been my biggest supporter. Whenever I feel like this endeavor is silly and self-involved, she encourages me and pushes me to keep going.

If you're reading this, chances are that you are also aware of the fact that Claire feels she is underrepresented on this blog (read comments here) , which I intend to remedy right here, right now.

On Wednesday, I made dinner for my family in honor of Claire because her birthday is next week, but she'll be  in Ocracoke to ring in her new year.  Dinner happened in spite of the fact that earlier in the day I threw out my back for the first time ever. Apparently lugging around a giant toddler will do that to you.  Not only did making dinner while in pain give me some serious martyr points, it also helped illustrate how much I love my fiery, little sister.

Claire did give me a few talking points to include in her honorary blog post, as well as some things she did not want me to mention. (Why is it that as soon as some one says "Please don't mention X," all you can think of including is X?) Anyhow, here's what I want to say about my sister. She is the most strong willed of our bunch (and that's saying something). She is the most loyal too. She's generous and determined and is becoming increasingly funnier as she gets older. Not only does she look the most like our beautiful mama, but she also has all the same energy coursing through her. Claire gets stuff done, a quality I envy. Her boredom always turns productive.

I love watching Claire as an aunt. She works hard developing special bonds with my children, and they love her all the more for the effort she pours in to them.

Although Claire spent a large part of her early birthday dinner lamenting that she loves her family more than we love her, she was dead wrong, but given her stubborn nature, there is no convincing her. I love you, Bug. I love you so much that I made you dinner while hobbling around like a geriatric patient.

Also, I kind of love the picture of Claire with her arms wrapped around my dad. Claire is definitely the most comfortable giving our dad a hard time. While the rest of us may tiptoe around my dad,  she never does. She started working for him this year, and I feel like the poor man probably has his hands full.


  1. That black and white photo of your Dad and Claire is wonderful - looks as if it could have come right out of a play! Lovely tribute ... Claire is clearly A Force To Be Reckoned With :).


    -- your friends across the Mason-Dixon

  3. Which one is Claire again? Is she the one that's married to Andrew? - Gus asked me to post this for him

  4. Tom I know that's you trying to irritate me!