Monday, June 1, 2015

This Weekend We

This weekend stretched just long enough to hold the perfect amount of friendship and sunshine and waterside amusements. It taught me that working on weekends isn't so bad, especially when it reminds you to make the most of all of your time. This weekend left me feeling content and very nearly glowing from gratitude.

We rushed to the farmer's market as soon as Tom got home on Friday so we could get what we needed and be back in time for dinner with friends. Then we spent the night stoking a bonfire, and then later taking up residence on the porch, where Arlo fell asleep in the middle of game playing and beer drinking because much like his older sister, he is very afraid of missing out.

The next morning we snuck in a few hours of beach time before I headed to work. Tom, Sena and Gus played further out in  the water, while I stayed on shore with the little guys. Watching all my people play where I consider my place left me feeling deliriously happy. I left for work without the slightest sense of resentment this go around.

On Sunday after church we drove down to hang out with my friend Kristlyn and her family. One of the best things about Southern Maryland is everyone has their own beach spots. Visiting friends in the summer means visiting their swimming hole. A variation on a theme.

I love standing on the brink of summer, with long, hot days and the promise of the best times ahead of us.

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  1. Such wonderful photos as always, and your happy voice is lovely to hear :). I can't imagine what it's like to be sure of hot sunny days!