Friday, August 5, 2016

Farm Visits // Cristo Rey

Earlier this week we drove down to St. Mary's county to pick-up our CSA chicken share. It was our first trip to Cristo Rey Farm, but I am certain it won't be our last. Not only are their pasture raised birds delicious, but the whole experience was almost too cute to bear. 

KC, the owner, brought out a box full of week old farm kittens for my kids to meet. My kids know that I am not taking on any more pets, so they tried to convince me that we should return in a few weeks to get their Oma a kitten. KC's barefoot children came over to make friends, trailed by two dogs and a couple of grown cats. 
The trip helped to spur me back into the kitchen, which I have been gracing as infrequently as possible these past couple of months.  It is hard for me to find motivation to cook during hot summer days when I would rather spend as long as possible at the pool. My laziness has resulted in way too many Sweet Sue's muffins and baskets of french fries. While I am not ready to let go of summer, I do think it's about time that I get back to feeding my family more carefully. And luckily, our little morning trip provided just the right amount of motivation. 

As can only be expected, I have now gone back into "find my own farm" mode, which happens almost every time I visit one. I have an almost impossible time appreciating something without fantasying about how to make it my own. But since I doubt that will happen anytime soon, I plan to sign up to participate in the PSA at some point this fall, which will involved Sena and Gus being a part of the chicken harvest. It might be the perfect way to kill my farm dreams forever. 

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  1. Congrats on going all in with Brackish Photography! May your talents continue to blossom ♥️📷💯