Monday, April 25, 2016

This Weekend We // Soccer and Its Trappings

This weekend we were utterly suburban, hanging out on playgrounds and soccer fields almost completely indistinguishable from all the other suburbs dotting the country, except for the presence of crumbling old barns and mother's who lack some of the polish of more affluent housewives.

Gus had two soccer games this weekend, plus team pictures. Although only Alamae and I watched him play on Saturday, a sizable showing came on Sunday to root him on. The point being, soccer was the central to all our plans these past few days.

Like usual, I was far more anxious than I care to admit. Watching my kids perform always does it to me. I desperately want to be the mom who doesn't care. The one who says with all honesty, "The only thing that matters is that they have fun."

Truthfully, I don't care that Gus's team wins as much as I care about how Gus plays. And I don't care because I care, but I care because I worry that the other parents and the coach care. What if they get angry if he misses the ball? If he doesn't stay in position? If he is slow crossing the field?

I try to remind myself that most of these parents, like me, are so focused on their own child that they hardly notice what the other players are doing. It's a cold comfort, indeed. Very little about it feels right. Very little except for Gus's enthusiasm. And that's enough.


  1. Soccer playing and french lessons upon my next visit!!

  2. Gosh, that sounds very stressful :(. Hoping you find a way to be more comfortable with it all.