Thursday, October 22, 2015

Home Scenes

Normal looks like disheveled sofas and a boy with a bed head begging to watch more television much to his mother's embarrassment and dismay.

It looks like abandoned journals and water glasses, and  homeless chords snaking across water damaged free furniture.

Normal looks like sweaters at the ready for fluctuating temperatures inside a house that is almost always too hot or too cold according to my mother. It looks like chairs that are never pushed in and remnants of breakfast yet to be put away.

It looks like spilled toys, piles of overdue library books, and a vacuum always at the ready. Normal looks like baskets filled with diapers and forgotten apples, sun hats and plastic dinosaurs, but never a single wipe when you need one most.


  1. Normal looks like sunshine, pretty rugs, art, baby things, and an old fashioned phone on the wall (!!).

    1. Full disclosure, the phone *works^ but we don't have a land line.

  2. And despite all those things, how come it looks so welcoming, organised and pretty? :)