Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This Weekend We // New Germany State Park

This weekend there was lots of swimming, a little bit of trail strolling, an hour of paddling, cheap beer, vinegary cocktails, great food, cool nights, appropriately uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, and so much porch sitting.  Unfortunately, it was missing one Sena Rose, who stayed home with my parents because she had other plans. 

Maybe the best part of weekends away with friends is watching the different relationships unfold and develop. It's beautiful watching infants stare at each other and desperately try to grab each other's faces. Better still seeing two two-year olds who just a short time ago grabbed at each other's faces in much the same way, wander off on their own small adventures, communicating in ways indecipherable to the rest of us. 

The cabin at New Germany State Park, which we booked with Christmas money months ago, was an effort on my part to make sure that I fulfilled my new year's resolution.  It was certainly money well spent, and it just might become a yearly tradition. In fact, we're considering trying to make out way up there at some point this winter to give snow shoeing a try. We'll just replace cold beer with whiskey, bathing suits for winter coats, and see what new tricks the little friend monsters have up their sleeves.

Give me a weekend with friends and babies, pretty views and fresh air, and in return I'll give you a serious case of back home blues once I return to the home I love. Unfortunately, even a shower and  a reunion with my oldest girl can't fully cure it. Rest assured, it only lasts about as long as the laundry pile remains. 

On the drive up, we followed the signs to South Mountain Creamery. Although it was much farther off the highway than we expected, the ice cream hit the spot, the cheese and yogurt we packed in our cooler was top notch, and the one day old calves were as adorable as you would expect. There was also a playground and a freezer full of local meats. All in all, worth the lengthy drive picturesque, windy mountain roads.  

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