Friday, August 14, 2015

Stretching Summer

It doesn't feel like summer is ever going to end. The days are moving along slowly, stagnating in the humid summer air, leaving skin sticky with a blissful sort of boredom. 

And I don't want it to most days. I don't want to neighborhood kids to return to school. I don't want apples to replace melons. I don't want to pull on jeans or sweaters. I am already anticipating missing the cicadas and fireflies.

Earlier this week we drove to my sister's house, and helped ourselves to her in-laws pool. Tom even joined in after work. The sound of water splashing mixed with children laughing carried through the woods and across the fields, a summer specific melody I miss in other seasons.

I am working to stretch this summer. Another ocean trip. More crab feasts. A school year that might just start later than in years past. I need whatever it is that summer gives, more now than ever, for reasons I hardly understand. 


  1. BEST feeling. Our summer goes long into October, but the nights get cooler and the feeling starts to change. By the time it's fall I am beyond ready but I would never deny that the special something summer brings is the truth of my spirit.