Monday, August 11, 2014


I'm trying hard not to define this summer in terms of its lows, not to forget that despite some sad, difficult times, there have been wonderful moments not to be discredited.

I've  found that when I'm sad, I don't much feel inclined to take pictures or find words. In fact, I don't feel inclined to do much of anything.

On Wednesday I go back to school. While I will miss slow mornings spent with my kids and afternoons at the water's edge,  I am ready to return to the routine, to busy my mind.

I don't want to write this summer off though, because even if their mama was not quite her best self, I think my kids were happy and carefree.  And this was the summer we learned that come winter, we will be a family of six.

It's time to drag myself out of my slump and celebrate. Celebrate time spent at the ocean, the end of summer, and having just three children.


  1. whoa, my jaw literally just dropped! wow! congratulations. i am so sorry it's been rough lately and i hope that maybe it's just that first-trimester-blech that might burn off with summer's end? I am sorry for your sadness and your doldrums, or whatever is plaguing you sweet mama. If you ever want to "talk" to an unbiased listener, send me an email. I think I'd understand. Anyway, I wish you joy and health and celebrations indeed!

  2. Wow, me too! Totally didn't expect to read that and now I'm grinning ear to ear at your news! Congratulations, Rachel. It sounds like it has been a rough time for you. I'm hoping you are feeling better soon!

  3. Oh my goodness, Rachel, I've just been back re-reading all the posts I've missed in August to see if there something I'd missed earlier, but this seems to be the very first news? I am sad to read of your sadness, and can only imagine dimly how this may have affected you, the plans it may have overturned for you, and the aching questions which may have surfaced. Thinking of you gently and warmly ...