Thursday, March 28, 2013

Making Changes

I love New Years for the promises it holds, for the sense that you can make changes, do better, be better, live better, live more. It is exciting and inspiring, and it is full of possibility. But I don't want to let that desire for self-improvement remain relegated to a cold month in winter. I want it to flow through every season; I want it to  influence the whole year, begging me to work at being a better me, the best me.

This spring, I want to think about the changes I want to make for a healthier, happier me.  And so today I am saying good bye to one of my guilty pleasures (and I don’t use the word guilty lightly. I actually feel a tremendous amount of guilt about it.) I know it is terrible for me; I know it is terrible for the environment. I know it’s a bad example, especially for Gus who is constantly trying to sneak and steal a sip. Today I say good bye to diet soda.  I say good bye to the chemicals I’m pumping my body full of, and I say good bye to the plastic waste I contribute to every, stinkin’ day. I mean, why am I going to spend so much money trying to buy local, pastured meat and GMO free produce, and then fill my body with aspartame? It makes no sense. I make no sense!

So see this soda, this one right here, sitting right next to my journal full of resolutions and hopes and dreams and goals and wants and wishes, well this here soda, I'm hoping it's my last.

 I’m excited for this season, a spring full of small changes. I’m hoping this is just the first in a series of small, manageable new habits.

Are there any goals you have for spring? 


  1. You can do it!! Every year, I give up one thing for my New Year's Resolution (just for that one year). Last year I gave up soda. My husband joined me in June. Even now that we can drink it this year, we don't crave it like we used to. And my husband used to grab a Dr. Pepper every single morning on his way to work. Good luck going off!!

    1. Thanks for the boost of confidence. I know that in the grande scheme of things diet soda isn't that bad, but boy do I wish I could break the addiction.