Monday, January 23, 2017

This Weekend We

On Saturday I was one of the million who marched. And it was powerful and beautiful and positive.

Then I spent Saturday night battling on Facebook in response to my presence there. I went to bed angry and hurt.

On Sunday, I woke up. I went to church. I sang to Jesus. Got my heart together. 

We drove from church to my sister's house to meet her new puppy. She made brunch. We played in the gray, misty fields with children who refused to dress for the weather.

The kids found a plastic car long forgotten in a dilapidated lean to. They chased the puppy to exhaustion. 

Before going home we went to see my other sister's in-laws farm. To visit newborn cows and dodge electric fences. As usual, an afternoon in the country had me longing for my own piece of land in the quiet.


  1. oooh, a hound dog! I felt very angry afterwards too.

  2. Facebook is now just home for the ridiculous. I give up.

  3. I always enjoy the spontaneity of your lovely photos ... I am afraid I never got into Facebook. Though perhaps that's a good thing!