Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quiet Days

Quiet days spent wandering around the air conditioned house with Alamae at my side. Remembering the boredom that comes with long days spent with just an infant for company. The sense that you will get things done but the inability to actually do them. Having just one is both easier and harder than I remember.

Yesterday we only left the house once. A quick trip to buy soft shell crabs because I find myself craving the sea in every way. I fried two up and brought one to my sister. We pulled apart their briny strangeness and licked our fingers. Then I walked back to my own house to spend more quiet hours interrupted by vinyls I forget to flip and more television than is ever my custom.

All day the dishwasher has needed to be unloaded. All day it has waited. It will keep waiting while I bounce Alamae on my knee as she drips cantaloupe juice down my leg.


Hours have passed since the dripping cantaloupe. Now I'm holding my niece as Tom paces with Alamae. These babies fill my hands and heart to capacity, but leave me restless, ready for big kids to return. Ready for the noise they bring. Ready for their help and for their altogether different set of needs.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Pictures of me make me so nervous.

  2. This is a lovely post and those sofas may be growing on me.....? ....you?

    1. They are. I mean, they aren't making me actively sad any more so that's an improvement.

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    1. Thanks Milla. Getting in front of the lens is a struggle.

  4. Lovely tranquil photos too, as well as your expressive text. That third sentence really echoes in my head; parallels with looking after a ninety-one year old ...