Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wabi Sabi / 02

The second installation of the wabi sabi series takes us into Lauren's beautiful home. Lauren's blog CrumbBums captures motherhood beautifully and is teeming with simple and thoughtful ideas on how to make each day special. She lives authentically and gracefully through the screen. 

Exploring the real, authentic, imperfect homes of others.

Tell us about your home.

I would say that our home is a comfortable mix of art, nature, and music. We have musical instruments hanging on the walls, plants in every room, lots of photography that I love, and plenty of great hand-me-down antiques. We also try to bring in as many natural elements as possible- I think it's important for the kids to have exposure to nature and it also just relaxes me. 

What is your relationship to the mess, to disorder?

I wish I could say I was more okay with the mess and disorder, but it really stresses me out! I think it's the thing I struggle with most right now. I have three little boys who frankly could care less about toys strewn about in every room, crumbs on the floor, and pajamas hanging off of bedposts. But it frankly drives me crazy! I don't want it to run my life, though, so I do a quick sweep once in the morning before leaving the house, and again at night after the boys are in bed. Of course, we are also teaching them the importance of cleaning up after themselves and doing their part, but they're really young, so it's going to take time! 

How does your home reflect wabi sabi?

I think the idea of wabi sabi is impossible to escape when you have young children. Children are, in  essence, in constant change and adaptation. It is at once remarkable and chaotic to watch. But the idea that nothing is ever complete strikes a chord with me; life with three little boys includes endless loads of laundry in differing phases of completion and dirt and mud literally everywhere, but on the flip side, it's about them; to be part of their development is a huge honor and a humbling experience. And as for the house itself, we are constantly in flux- we live in an old house that needs a lot of work. I love the character, though, and can live with that kind of imperfection (as long as it's clean!). 

What do you find beautiful?

Watching my children play and laugh together. The swirling blankets of an unmade bed. The remnants of a Magna-tile structure that collapsed long ago, or the sand creations that have been left behind when a certain little boy was whisked off to school before he was ready. The pieces left behind that prove that my children have been busy and happy. The things that contribute to mess and disorder are the same things that I find beautiful. I suppose the only way to be more at peace with it is to look at it with these eyes instead of being critical and overwhelmed! But when I do feel that way, all it takes is stepping outside for a bit to get my bearings. The garden is a place I find endless beauty and wonder- it never ceases to amaze me watching something grow from seemingly nothing. I guess it is the same with watching my children grow. Life, in general, is just so beautiful. 

Lauren, thank you again, for your words, images, and the reminder to try my best to slow down and savor. 


  1. Oh my gosh! l love this, I love Lauren's way of making her home seem harmonious, yet happy go lucky at the same time. Her realness shines through on her log, even when her recipes look perfect and her outfits are admirable. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Lauren seems so genuine, but just happens to be genuinely good at life and making things beautiful and seemingly effortless. she is so admirable.

  2. She has a beautiful home! I also love how her home is like controlled chaos in a way. Toys and blocks and sand on the floor, but still looking beautiful! Great interview/feature! Great photos, too!


    1. isn't it amazing? i feel like she has done such a great job of creating a serene space that when a little mess happens, it just adds to the beauty.